How to survive to goodbyes


As a traveller and student, I know what it means to keep on saying goodbye to the ones we’ve met and grow fond of. However every time we leave we get used to facing the sadness of leaving someone or a place, we’re never really ready to do this.

I just looked back to all the things I’ve done and all the times I had to say goodbye, so I could collect a sort of instruction manual of the inveterate traveller, which may help you the next time you have to think about a good way to get out of tears and hugs before leaving.

  1. What time is it?

    When you leave a place or a person, try not to do it in the evening. Darkness has a negative connotation for the human perception, which associates black to sad or scary feelings. If you leave, try to do it at daylight.

  2. It’s time

    Try not to let it last forever. Sure, hugs and kisses are so heart-warming and the laughter of a friend may raise your mood for a couple of seconds but these are all palliatives for the difficult moment which will come after. Five minutes are sufficient for telling goodbye and “we keep in touch” or even exchanging phone numbers.

  3. Really use technology

    We live in the 21st century, we have plenty of apps and computer programmes to stay in contact with people literally on the other side of the planet. Instead of giving up hope about seeing of hearing from someone when telling goodbye, try to keep the promise of writing to them or calling them on video. It’s simpler than you think.

  4. Know yourself

    We often tend to think that leaving has a similar meaning to death. It’s not so. It’s about changing your habits and seeing new horizons with new eyes, it’s about meeting other peoples and cultures keeping yours inside. In short, it’s about developing yourself. Of course it’s not something that everybody can do and sometimes it can be even harder than anything else. Start by asking yourself about who you are and who you want to be. When it matches a wandering lifestyle, embrace it and go.

These are only a couple of ideas to make your goodbyes a little easier and are not supposed to be valid for everyone. As I said in point 4: know yourself. If you already know what you can bear and what you can’t stand, it will be even easier than that. Then just move a step out of the door and go. Never look back, for you will always find your way home.


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