Here we are again. A two hours trip to the bigger city, getting off the car and on the train. Another seven hours and I will reach the city where I (have to?) live in northern Bavaria. I do actually like it, a nice and clean city little Bavarian city like many others where people live peacefully together, where nothing really happens but a couple of drunk people in the night smashing Vodka bottles around.

It’s not the destination, it’s what I’ve left behind. Home. Can I call it home? After five years looping around between Germany, Austria and Italy I say yes, that’s home.

Sitting on the train, I look around and see people of every kind: couples, families, siblings and friends. Just through the window the Italian landscape scrolls away and after two hours I’m no more in my homeland. In four hours I will be more that 600 km far away from the ones whom I love the most. The big question which lies underneath this feeling of homesickness is, whether I do really want to live this way, always on the move, luggage always ready, coming home and leaving again and again. A year ago I told myself this is what I was probably born to but lately I understood that I was wrong. Seeing the world and opening our minds to new cultures and peoples is the best choice we can make but we need to have a place which we can call home. A place we can think about when we travel around the Earth and tell about when we meet other people. A place we can always get back to from a long journey.

And this is exactly what I finally found after 25 years of my life looking for somewhere I can feel it’s where I belong to. It’s not a specific city, a region or a State, it’s my family. Split out in four different corners of Europe and still we can reunite every year. Every second spent with them is worth an entire year studying and working in Germany.

Lately I’ve been asking myself whether I want to go on with this kind of life. I do want to but first of all I need to get back home and stay there for a while. Live and build my identity. This is most probably the reason why so many young people feel the need to go home on the weekend or every two weeks. It’s not only about taking a break from the student’s life, it’s about exploring and developing the feeling of the origin, the authenticity, the core of our personality.

This is what every traveller must know: You don’t need too much money or something special to see the world. You need a reason to get back and tell what you’ve seen. Do it and the get ready to move. The lonely walker will always know where his heart belongs to, where his homeland is, where he has to get back to and bring everything he saw.

Whoever said, home is a social phenomenon, a construct we need to develop in order to settle down, was definitely wrong. Home is what prepares us to be today’s strength and tomorrow’s hope. Home is what gets us ready to leave and bring what we’ve learned out there where people need it. Home is the basis of everything we were, we are and we will be.


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