Life and its ghosts

Let´s start from a general statement: Life is not easy and it won´t ever be like that. The reason hides simply in its essence: It would not be life.

What makes life so difficult is often the pursuit of something that we believe we never had: real happiness.

Happiness is not easy to achieve. It is not even easy to describe since anyone has its own and always personal idea of happiness. Being rich, being in love, being famous, being relaxed..


We are human beings and we are looking for happiness in “being” something more or something else than we are but we “are” already. If we already “are”, it means we do not need to try to “be” in some different ways since we already are human “beings”. Happiness is something we don´t need to find in the outside but to discover inside of our soul, in the deep depths of our fears. Yes, our fears. The pursuit of the real happiness includes a long fight against what bounds our soul, what does not let us sleep without a little light, the shadows we feel behind our back and over us when we walk. These are not “beings”, they are dark fading memories we do not let go because we already know we would experience a sort of loss of something that is a part of what we are.

Happiness means also sacrifice and loss. It is too much easy to hide behind something that makes us feel insanely protected but that still menaces our security in its essence. A shadow does not hide a thief.

Thus, the way out of the real darkness is courage. And all those who never even tried to discover the brave part of themselves, have already lost all the possibilities they could ever dream of.

It won´t never be easy but at least it is worth trying..


A thought

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